Cyber Security concerns for CIOs a global challenge

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The ever-evolving threat landscape: Cyber Security concerns for CIOs

Cyber security remains a constant concern for CIOs, with the threat landscape evolving at an alarming pace. We asked our Keynotes for the upcoming CIO Summit what they believe the biggest challenges/threats facing CIOs in the next 12 months, one topic was top of mind - Cyber Security. Igor Portugal as part of the #CIOSummitCafe discussed the need for vigilance and proactive measures to combat cyberattacks.

The rise of AI-powered threats and Geopolitical Impact:

Alex Smart, Chief Technology Officer at Southern Cross Travel Insurance, expressed concern about the growing sophistication of cybercriminals, particularly those leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). "Cyber is definitely a real issue for us," she stressed. AI can be used to automate attacks and exploit vulnerabilities, making them more difficult to detect and defend against.

The current global situation adds another layer of complexity. Smart pointed out the potential for increased cyberattacks as a consequence of geopolitical tensions. Businesses need to be prepared for a wider range of threats, including those originating from state-sponsored actors.

The Data Dilemma

Emily Isle, Chief Digital Officer at MBM NZ, highlighted the challenge of balancing data privacy regulations with robust security measures. "The security risk is just getting more advanced," she said. As regulations evolve, CIOs need to ensure their cybersecurity strategies comply with data privacy laws while still effectively protecting their organisations.

The importance of awareness

Building a strong cybersecurity posture requires a multi-layered approach. Krish Goundar believes that everyone in an organisation plays a role. "Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility," he stressed. By fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness among employees, organisations can significantly reduce their attack surface.

Collaboration is key

The ever-evolving threat landscape underscores the importance of collaboration among IT leaders. The New Zealand CIO Summit provides a unique opportunity to share best practices, learn from industry experts, and develop strategies for staying ahead of cyber threats.

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