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2024 Summit Agenda

New Zealand CIO Summit MC:
Kate Rodger

Kate Rodger is Newshub's Entertainment Editor and Film Reviewer, a role she has cherished for over 15 years. Her job has taken her worldwide, covering film premieres, awards ceremonies, movie sets, and interviews. Kate has reported live from the Oscars, BAFTAs, and major film festivals, interviewing stars like Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, and Brad Pitt. During COVID-19, she conducted Zoom interviews with Angelina Jolie and Benedict Cumberbatch. Kate has hosted her show "Reel Late with Kate," supported local filmmakers, and live-hosted the World Premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. She also contributes to various magazines and radio shows

2024 Summit Agenda

Day 1 - 20 Aug
Day 2 - 21 Aug
Day 1 - 20 Aug
 8:30Registration and coffee
 9:00Haka powhiri
 9:10Opening of CIO Summit 2024
 9:30Keynote: AI Moment - A New Era for CIOs and Business

Rapid adoption has moved AI from an emerging software segment in the stack to a lynch-pin technology essential for business success. Never have we seen a technology emerge with this much executive support, defined business outcomes, and rapid deployment of industry disrupting use cases.  58% of APJ CEOs have indicated that their organisations are either operationalising AI initiatives or ready to do so.  


This kickstarts a new era for tech and business.


Picture this: a world where algorithms are the new architects of prosperity, data is the currency of choice, and innovation knows no boundaries. This is truly the AI Moment.


In this opening keynote, Sandra Ng will address where AI will be prominent, important or in wide use in industries and organisations, making AI Everywhere a reality in 2024. More importantly, what does this new era really mean to today’s and tomorrow’s CIOs in terms of making the right tech choices, cyber management, board and stakeholder engagement models, cost rationalisation and IT modernisation. 

Sandra Ng, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific (Singapore)
Facilitated by: Louise Francis, Country Manager NZ and AP Public Sector Research Lead, IDC New Zealand
 10:30 Morning Break
Session to be confirmed
Keynote address: Leading mission critical strategy - Building and developing IT strategy in an age of constant innovation
• People vs technology – why developing personal leadership skills is critical for continued evolution
• Maintaining a success culture – what are the hallmarks required for successful teams
• Key milestones and markers for success when leading tech strategy
• How do we keep our tech up to speed given the rapid pace of disruptive change?

Cindy Taibi, Former Chief Information Officer, The New York Times (United States)
 12:00Panel discussion: The Operationalisation of ESG
• How the tech suite can drive sustainability outcomes
• The tech that is causing concerns – examining AI, cryptocurrency, IoT and Cloud technologies impact on sustainability goals and how we can ensure the ethical and efficient use of emerging tech
• Managing risk and adding value – making a regulatory obligation into a value-adding business unit
• Implementing holistic and integrated data programmes to measure and drive environmental sustainability
• Driving transparency and accountability in the value chain 

Moderated by: Linus Lai, Vice President, IDC Australia (Australia)
Anthony Thompson, Sustainability Manager and Te Ao Māori Strategy Lead, Co-Chairman of Te Rōpū Māori o SkyCity, SkyCity Entertainment Group
Mitchell Pham, Board Member, NZTech
Grace de Leon, City Initiatives Lead, Smart Christchurch
Mary-Elizabeth Tuck,Chief Sustainability & Master Planning Officer,Auckland Airport 
 12:30 Lunch
Independently facilitated by technology experts, attendees get to personalise their CIO experience by booking in on a topic that suits their needs. Topics will be released closer to the time of the event. 
Round 1: 1.30pm - 2.15pm
Round 2: 2.20pm - 3.05pm
Technology deployment at large sport events 

Guillaume Lairloup, Former Head of Technology, France 2023, Rugby World Cup Organisation Committee (France)
Navigating through regulatory environments and lessons learned from a 'Professional Failure’
• Making hybrid work by investing in talent, tools and systems
• Reusable components, technology debt and upcycling in the digital world
• Strong, effective governance at all levels, embracing risks and engaging Executive and Ministerial stakeholders effectively
• Thumbs up - thumbs down, how a widget became the most important feature

Krish Goundar, Head of Digital Delivery, NSW State Emergency Service (Australia)

Start with Why 

Aaron Middleton, CTO, Cucumber 
Rob Bensley,Head of Digital Advisory, Cucumbe


Building Momentum - Our path to enterprise agility

Kristin Sherman, Executive Manager of Value Realisation Office, Suncorp New Zealand

3.20Afternoon Break
3.50The AI Buzz(Saw)

Jeremy Nees, Chief Operations Officer, The Instillery
Keynote address: Being the bridge between technology strategy and business strategy – lessons from the board room when driving transformation
• Understanding and advocating for technology investment to drive business value
• Lessons from deployments – how to communicate value succinctly and in language that will get the board on board
• Building a business strategy within the present economic landscape while prioritising a digital-first approach
• Developing technology road maps and bringing the organisation along – why the tech team cannot be an island

Giovanni Rutigliano, Chief Digital Officer, IKEA Australia & New Zealand (Australia) 
Panel discussion: Evolving governance dynamics in modern business landscape 
· Exploring the How and When to ensure effective engagement with boards
· Discussing the CIOs role on the board and expectations surrounding their contribution – looking beyond transformation and cyber reporting responsibilities
· Unpacking communication methods crucial for seamless interactions between executives and board members
· Analysing and comparing various governance strategies adopted by organisations for informed decision-making

Moderated by: Roxanne Salton, Chief Digital Officer, TSB
Bindi Norwell, Group Chief Executive Officer, ProCare
Scott Pyles, Chief Technology Officer, Fonterra
Angela Henderson, Chief Information Officer, Fidelity Life
Leigh Donoghue, Chief of Data & Digital, Te Whatu Ora
 5:30 Closing remarks from the MC
 5:30 Networking function
 6:30 CIO Gala Dinner & Awards
Day 2 - 21 Aug
8.55Opening of Day 2 of the NZ CIO Summit 2024

Ministerial Address: The policies and pathways for NZ Technology Sector
• Supporting innovation within the technology sector
• Maintaining clear policy direction around the use of emerging technologies
• The ICT strategy and action plan and what this means for technology in 2024 onwards

Minister is under invitation

The economic outlook - building resilience for a better future

• What does NZ’s economy look like over the next 12 months?
• How much impact does geopolitical events abroad have on NZ’s technological industry?
• How can we mitigate risks and challenges for businesses due to economic shifts

Dr Ganesh Nana, Kaimahi
 9.50Session to be confirmed
 10:20 Morning Break
 11.00Emerging Leaders' Forum - 2024 NZ CIO Summit

What does it take to be a CIO?

Connect, network, and grow your skills at this inaugural forum at NZ’s leading conference for senior ICT leaders. With a focus on connection and inspiration, this forum will examine how to become a CIO in today’s tech environment – the skills, the attributes and the attitudes required to lead teams, projects, and departments.

Limited to 50 participants, this exclusive forum will be facilitated by David Kennedy, who previously held the roles of COO at Cin7 and CIO at Transaction Services Ltd, now actively coaches unicorns, guides organisations, and mentors individuals for sustainable growth and innovation.
For more information or to register your interest please visit here 
Keynote: Innovating securely: Navigating risks and ensuring cyber resilience
• Examining the risks of growth and innovation – why attention to detail is an absolute must!
• Crafting and recrafting cyber security risk plans 
• Embedding cyber security as part of organisational risk management plans

John O'Driscoll, Victoria Government Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet (Australia)
 11.30Panel discussion: Building resilience against multiplying trends
• The importance of continuous threat exposure management
• The latest threats – what do we see coming down the pipeline and how can we prepare our defences now
• The one thing I wish I could get employees to understand - looking at different strategies to communicate with your teams
• Developing robust prevention and recovery protection strategies
• How strong cyber strategies can enable innovation

Moderated by: Kendra Ross, Founder, We Love Cyber
Nisha Clark, Chief Information Officer, Abano Healthcare Group Limited
Bryan Ng, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, NZTE
Sunil Dhunnookchand, Chief Information Officer - Pacific, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners New Zealand
Dean Navarro, Head of Information Security, Fidelity Life
 12:15 Lunch
 1.30Keynote: When innovation is the name of the game – utilising and deploying cutting edge technology
• Using technology to augment the workforce – how you can seamlessly blend technology capability with human capability
• Lessons from deployment – what we have learnt from going live with new tech across the business
• Building capability and capacity within the workforce to make the most of new technologies
• Shadow AI – how you can avoid clandestine AI use from spinning out of control

Kate Romanova, Former Group Head of Technology, Strategy & Innovation, Qantas (Australia)
2.15Panel discussion: Deploying new tech strategies whilst maintaining trust and strong CX
• Managing regulatory issues around emerging tech deployment – ensuring local legislation doesn’t cause problems later
• Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI and its impact on strategies
• Everything starts with data – creating, maintaining and carefully utilising general and individual data sets
• Defining visions – bringing CX into the heart of tech strategies to promote trust and digital safety

Facilitator : Kate Romanova, Former Group Head of Technology, Strategy, and Innovation, Qantas (Australia)
Alexandra Smart, Chief Technology Officer, Southern Cross Travel Insurance
Emily Isle, Chief Digital Officer, MBM NZ
Krish Goundar, Head of Digital Delivery, NSW State Emergency Service (Australia)

Closing keynote speaker – Humanisation of change

Humanising Change : In a world of Technology, Digitisation and QR Codes(!), the way to effect successful change and transformation is to build community, connection and collaboration. 
• Successful change is a team sport and happens over four quarters 
• The science of change – how can neuroscience give us insights into adoption and sustaining new behaviours and ways of working 
• The role of leadership in fostering community, connection and collaboration for change 
• How to effect long term change through BAU integration   
• Examples and evidence from across the APAC region 

Nathan Sri, Human Experience Lead APAC, JLL (Singapore)
3.30Summary remarks and end of summit

International Keynotes

Learn from global ICT leaders

The CIO Summit brings together globally renowned tech leaders and visionaries. Gain insights from the best minds shaping the future of technology, all in one place. Network with industry peers and share ideas, but also learn from international expertise directly applicable to the New Zealand market. It's your chance to bridge the gap and propel your tech strategy forward.

Meet the 2024 international keynote speakers.

Sandra Ng

Group Vice President & General Manager
IDC Asia/Pacific

Cindy Taibi

Former Chief Information Officer
The New York Times 
(United States)

Giovanni Rutigliano

Chief Digital Officer
IKEA Australia & New Zealand

John O'Driscoll

Victoria Government Chief Information Security Officer
Department of Premier & Cabinet

Kate Romanova

Group Head of Technology, Strategy & Innovation

Krish Goundar

Senior Manager, Digital Delivery - Operational Systems Program

NSW State Emergency Service 

Guillaume Lairloup

Former Head of Technology - France 2023

Rugby World Cup Organisation Committee

Linus Lai

Vice President
IDC Australia