AI Everywhere: The Future of Business is Intelligent and Immersive

21.02.24 01:02 PM Comment(s)

AI Everywhere: The Future of Business is Intelligent and Immersive

The tide is turning, and artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic notion but a concrete reality woven into the fabric of business. Sandra Ng, a leading thinker in the tech world, painted a vivid picture of this "AI Everywhere" landscape in her insightful keynote session at the New Zealand CIO Summit in 2023, highlighting the immense potential and crucial considerations for navigating this transformative era.

Algorithms drive prosperity, data is the currency. 
In the age of AI Everywhere, those who harness this power will shape the future.

- Sandra NgGroup Vice President and General Manager, APJ Research | IDC

From Automation to Innovation

Imagine a world where AI takes over mundane tasks, freeing up human ingenuity for greater pursuits. This is already happening, with AI streamlining processes in healthcare, finance, and countless other industries. But "AI Everywhere" goes beyond mere automation. Ng envisioned a future where AI acts as a creative partner, capable of generating ideas, predicting trends, and personalising experiences in ways never before possible.

Data: The Fuel of the Future

Just as oil fueled the industrial revolution, data is the lifeblood of the AI revolution. Businesses that can effectively mine and utilise their data will gain a significant edge. Ng emphasised the need for "data-centric" platforms and infrastructure, capable of handling the ever-growing volumes of information and powering intelligent applications.

Building Trust and Upskilling Talent

While the opportunities are vast, ethical considerations and responsible implementation are crucial. Building trust around AI is paramount, and Ng stressed the importance of prioritising this before embarking on an AI journey. Additionally, the workforce needs to evolve alongside technology. Reskilling and upskilling initiatives are essential to equip everyone to thrive in this AI-powered future.

The Road Ahead: Navigating the Transformation

Embracing "AI Everywhere" doesn't require a complete overhaul overnight. Ng encouraged a focus on existing investments, leveraging them to extract more value with AI-driven insights. Modernisation of infrastructure and a willingness to experiment are also key. Ultimately, success lies in aligning AI initiatives with clear business goals and demonstrating their impact on revenue, profit, and sustainability.

The message from Ng was clear: the future belongs to those who embrace AI. By understanding its potential, addressing its challenges, and laying the groundwork for responsible implementation, businesses can unlock a world of opportunities and shape the future of their industries.

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