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Striking a Balance: How Businesses Can Navigate Digital Transformation in a Cost-Conscious Environment

Digital transformation is no longer optional for businesses. However, achieving it in a way that balances cost-effectiveness with innovation remains a challenge. This article explores the key issues companies face and offers insights from industry leaders on navigating this complex landscape, all dr...

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Unlock Growth and Credibility: Why the CIO Awards Should Be Your Next Step
The annual New Zealand CIO Awards are your chance to shine a spotlight on exceptional leadership, innovation, and the positive impacts made across your organisation, the sector or New Zealand at large, through ICT. But the benefits go far beyond recognition. Here's why entering the CIO Awards is a s...
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AI Everywhere: The Future of Business is Intelligent and Immersive

The tide is turning, and artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic notion but a concrete reality woven into the fabric of business. Sandra Ng, a leading thinker in the tech world, painted a vivid picture of this "AI Everywhere" landscape in her insightful keynote session at the New...

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