The CIO Intensive – a post-summit Masterclass

14 June 2019; 9.00am – 4.00pm
Limited places available – book today to secure your spot!
Mastering your team culture to optimise your performance
“Your company culture is eight times more influential than your strategy in determining your organisation’s performance variance. To ensure this performance bias is working in your organisation’s favour it is vital you learn to master organisational culture.” Cultures at Work
After last year’s inspirational and crowd-favourite keynote presentation, Corporate Anthropologist Michael Henderson returns for a full day workshop.
In this masterclass understand the drivers of a strong performance culture and how to truly lead a world-class culture throughout your organisation. Unlock culture, understand how the world of work has changed over the past decade and how you can lead to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

The masterclass addresses four key aspects of creating and leading culture in your organisation to enhance business performance, engage employees and serve your stakeholders.

1. Culture Awareness. Evaluate your level of culture awareness

If you lack awareness of culture you lack the awareness regarding your team's performance. 
There are 12 fundamental aspects required in order to truly understand how culture works and influences performance in your department and business. Failure to understand these puts you at a significant disadvantage when it comes to mastering culture.
2. Culture Appreciation. The business case for your culture 

There are six primary ways in which your culture and your team's performance interconnect. Evaluate your team's culture for operational and performance effectiveness across all six areas.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate the cost and gains of your status quo
  • Consider how your expanded level of culture awareness could identify interventions to improve your cultures alignment to optimum performance.

3. Culture in Action. Where is your culture positioned to take you? 

Too many organisations think culture is only about creating a ‘nice place to work’. The reality is culture is strategically directional and influences your team's relevance and even survival.

  • Why it’s best to think in terms of culturing rather than culture to become agile and sustainable
  • Where is your culture currently sitting on the Sigmoid curve?
  • What does this location mean?
  • Do you need to change? By when?
  • What are the key changes your culture requires to embody?

4. Culture Achievement.  What’s your plan?

What have you learnt today that you intend to apply? How will you achieve this? Who will be involved? Who do you need to communicate or connect with? What's your time frame? What's your sense of urgency? What’s your plan? Use this final segment of the workshop to consolidate your thinking, calibrate your position and determine your next steps. 
Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures at work
Michael Henderson is a Corporate Anthropologist, with a degree in Anthropology and over 25 years experience in observing, advising and educating organisations on how to enhance their workplace culture for greater levels of performance, staff fulfilment and customer delight.